Mr. Cleany-Clean is a friendly character in Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski

Appears in alpha 0.0.2

Appearance Edit

Red man with vacuum cleaner tube. Wears black sunglasses, red shirt, write-red shorts. Have red skull with spine part instread of head, and iron sharp prosthesis with blood. Legs and head are chopped off. Clothes and skin in blood.

Mechanics Edit

Starts moving after 30 seconds of "game" start. Moves on certain direction. If he sees dropped item he grabs it and puts in nearest trash can. Anso can grab or player and shifts them some time. He have the biggest door open radius.

Can start dancing when alarm plays.

Speech Edit

MrCleanyClean start
"Mr. Cleany-Clean vs mess"

nteresting things Edit

  • Cleany can shift H-Teacher with player.